Tea Ceremony


a Way to Inner Peace

Tea Ceremony is an ancient ritual that can help you find stillness, clarity and peace of mind.

It’s a way to connect deeply with yourself, restore connection with others, and nature.

While sitting quietly, we enjoy this artful ritual that opens the senses and brings us deeper into the present moment with each cup.

This ritual of drinking tea and appreciating nature has been practiced for centuries in various traditions, such as Zen Buddhism, as a tool to find inner peace, deeper meditation, clarity, and wisdom.

This ancient ritual, simple yet profound, can open the door to deeper layers of meditation, your inner world, your inner wisdom, stillness, and a peace of mind.


the Healing Power of Living Tea

Living Tea, sourced sustainably from ancient tea trees, carries not only exceptional flavor but also profound healing properties.

In a Tea Ceremony we only drink the purest Teas, which can even be 2000 years old, from high up in the mountains. They are handpicked by families of tea farmers who have passed down their knowledge and trees through many generations.

Each type of tea brings unique qualities. From boosting immunity to aiding digestion, enhancing life force and grounding the body. These teas offer holistic health benefits that support overall well-being.


profound healing benefits

experience life changing transformation

with Joyce

Joyce is a Soul Embodiment facilitator that empowers people by creating spaces to connect with the wisdom of their soul, inner guidance, self-care and self-acceptance to find fulfillment, peace and balance from within.

With a passion for holistic healing, and a deep connection to nature, Joyce integrates ancient wisdom with modern practices to create meaningful, transformative experiences for her clients.

With over 4 years of dedicated experience in hosting transformative Tea Ceremonies over the world, ranging from festivals to private sessions and group workshops, she offers a unique blend of artful entertainment, spiritual depth and practical mindfulness.


  • Certified International Tea Sommolier
  • Certified in applying Traditional Chinese Medicine with Tea
  • Specialized training in Gong Fu Tea Ceremony, Cha Dao
  • Mentored by various international shamans, trained in Peruvian & Universal Shamanism
  • Actively expanding expertise through daily practice, coursework & hosting events

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Living Tea

Unlike the mass-produced teas found in commercial shops, Living Tea preserves the healing essence of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Through meticulous processing and care, these teas retain their purity and potency, sourced from high-altitude mountains where generations of tea farmers have nurtured ancient trees,